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IMG_8389Thank you for visiting Liv’s Way of Living.

Here you will find blog posts about our amazing 11 year old girl, Liv, who is inspiring people with her determination to fight cancer in her brain and spine, while eating an organic, plant based diet and being as healthy and well as she can be. I’ll be blogging the ups and downs on this bumpy road, but I hope that overall, you will find this site uplifting and inspiring, because most days, that’s what Liv is all about :) You can read more about her on the “Meet Liv” page.

You will also find some of our favourite vegan recipes, as well as juice and smoothie recipes. I will be adding more and more each week, so feel free to follow my facebook and twitter pages so you’ll be notified when new ones are added. I apologise in advance for my plating up skills and terrible photography, I’ll work on that! But the recipes are yummy, I promise!  I warn you though, if you are looking for complicated, fancy vegan recipes, you won’t find that here! As a busy mum, I’m all about quick and easy meals and snacks!

To navigate this site, you can click on the menus and you’ll find drop down boxes to take you where you want to go. It will only show 2 posts on each page, so you can click on the page arrows below the posts to find more posts.

I hope Liv’s determination and positivity shine through as I blog, because she has already inspired so many people as she travels along her cancer and scoliosis journey. She’s keen contribute to this blog, so I look forward to sharing things from Liv’s perspective too, which should be a lot of fun!

Oh, and if you’re wondering who took the gorgeous header photo of Liv and her puppy George, that would be the work of the insanely talented Chloe Snaith at Missy and Me Photography!

I wish you all love and good health,

Michelle xxx


2 thoughts on “Thank you for visiting :)

  1. Good on you MIchelle – the Blog is a great idea – well done. Also well done to Liv for being such an inspiration. You’re both doing a great job. I know Kim will miss you when she moves to Coffs. Maybe you’ll be able to visit one day.
    Wishing you all the best on your journey of health with Liv.
    Much love, Glenda xo

    1. Thank you so much Glenda! We certainly hope to visit Coffs! Liv’s very keen to see Kim and Simon’s pool, and the Big Banana! The priorities of kids!

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