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I’m Michelle and I’m a wife to Colin and a mum to 9 year old Olivia. We call her Liv, obviously! You can read more about her on the “Meet Liv” page.

Liv was diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and it has been a pretty crazy journey since then, with lots of highs and lows. When chemotherapy didn’t shrink the tumours, I took it upon myself to look for alternative cancer treatments and therapies. That was when I realised how important nutrition was in preventing and curing illness. With the help of an integrative GP, and more recently 2 fabulous plant nutritionists from Rawfoodforlife.org who have become very dear friends, we have completely changed our family’s diet. Olivia is gluten free, dairy free, sugar free and eats an organic, high raw, plant based diet. I’m sure some of you are thinking, “What the hell do they eat?”

Well, hopefully by following this blog and looking at the yummy recipes here, you will have a much better idea of the fabulous food vegans can eat and perhaps you might even make some changes to your own diet! That’s if you’re not vegan already of course!

I’m not perfect. While Olivia is on a very strict plant based diet with no sugar, gluten or dairy, I admit I have struggled on and off with totally giving up sugar and gluten. But it takes 30 days to break a habit and create a new one, and I now have sugar back under control. I’m working on gluten now, and that is what is going to help me drop my last 12 kgs! I’m currently 12 down,  with 12 to go :)

Why have I started this blog? I’ve had many people over the last few years tell me I should share our journey as it’s quite unique with all it’s ups and downs, and people seem to be very inspired by our girl. I just haven’t been in the right headspace to do this until recently.

A little while ago, I was nominated for the MND Ice Bucket challenge, and decided to do it differently. You can watch it below but basically I challenged people to drink 1 green smoothie a day and eat 3 vegan meals a week to reduce the chances of becoming ill. I nominated a few friends to do it, and posted it on my facebook page. All of a sudden I had comments, texts and phone calls from friends and acquaintances telling me they would like to do my challenge but needed advice and recipes! So I started posting recipes on my personal page! And then Natalie and Stuart from Rawfoodforlife.com thought it was really inspiring and asked to put the video on their facebook page. The comments were phenomenal and strangers were sharing my video! I was so happy that I was spreading a good message, and it got the cogs turning in my head about finally starting a blog. And from a selfish point of view, I think this will make me far more strict about my diet and it may be quite therapeutic sharing the highs and lows of this crazy ride we are on.

I hope you enjoy visiting Liv’s Way of Living and I wish you all good health xxx

*Please note that I am sharing information that I have learned through my own research. I am not qualified in nutrition, nor do I have a medical degree. I have had to learn about cancer, alternative treatments and nutrition in an attempt to stop my daughter’s cancer from growing. I’ve learnt a lot and Liv is the healthiest she has ever been, and I want to share that and maybe inspire some people along the way with how amazing my girl is :)

2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Michelle,
    I am inspired by the strength of you and Colin and of course Liv. I’m so glad you have been able to get into a headspace to write about Livs journey and to share honestly and I hope unapologetically the frustrations, disappointments and the, ups and downs of Liv’s way of Living, I have loved seeing pictures of your inspiring little girl who has the most beautiful smile and eyes.

    1. Thank you so much Cathie! It certainly has taken time for me to want to blog the journey, but with all of the amazing support and feedback we’ve had, I am so glad I’m doing it. I hope you enjoy following the journey. Much love xx

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