Liv Meets Hodgey

In my last blog post, you might remember that we had a big Hawks day out and I promised there were even bigger Hawks surprises in store for Liv. Well, it happened on Thursday, and it was EPIC! Actually, it was beyond epic but I can’t think of a word big enough to describe it! The amazing people at Bupa’s Blue Room, organised for Liv to meet her favourite footy player, Luke Hodge from the Hawthorn Football Club. Liv has wanted to meet Hodgey for so long, and we kept promising to take her to a Hawks Family Day to meet him but we were concerned that the crowds and noise at an event like that would be very difficult for her. So for Liv to be offered the opportunity to meet Luke one on one was absolutely perfect and a dream come true for our girl. And I have to admit, hubby and I were almost as excited as she was! I mean, who doesn’t love Hodgey?!


There were 2 camera crews with us, one from Bupa and one from Channel 7. We even had a cameraman drive to Waverley Park with us to capture some moments, and we were a little concerned about how Liv would cope with cameras in her face for the afternoon, as well as being interviewed by Nick Etchells from Channel 7. But we prepared her as well as we could, and it turns out, Liv’s a natural! You may have seen the wonderful segment on Channel 7 news. If you missed it, it’s on the Liv’s Way of Living facebook page. She’s a born star!



We wandered down to the oval and waited for Hodgey. When she saw him coming down the steps towards her, her face lit up like Christmas! She looked like a mixture of excitement, happiness and awe, all wrapped up in one! I wish I could bottle the feeling of seeing her like that, it was so heartwarming! Luke happily signed her football and guernsey and offered to sign her brand new Hawks mascot toy, while I held my breath hoping she wouldn’t yell at him (because you DON’T WRITE ON TOYS!!!!) and she happily let him sign that too, because Hodgey can do whatever he wants! And she was delighted and amused that he brought her a pair of his footy boots and signed them too! They had a bit of a kick on the oval and she told him all about how she does physio everyday, and he invited her to come and check out all of the Hawks physio equipment in their training facility! So up the stairs we all went, to the inner sanctum of the Ricoh Centre where our Hawk boys train.


Liv and Luke shot some hoops together, they did a bit of boxing and he helped her with some of the balancing equipment. They both wandered off and did some interviews while my hubby, my sister and I all looked on with wonder! Liv was amazing! So calm and confident. She even asked Nick Etchells a few questions, as if she was the interviewer! She offered Colin and I some tips on how to stay relaxed for our interviews and while we did ours she went back to hang out with her new best friend! I have no idea what they talked about for a lot of the time, but Hodgey seemed as enchanted with Liv as she was with him. He asked her if he could come to Disneyland with us, and after thinking about it for a minute, she reminded him that the Hawks needed him through the finals series and suggested he go after the grand final!

IMG_1092We are all so grateful to Bupa, Channel 7, the Hawthorn Football Club and of course to Luke Hodge for this amazing opportunity. She couldn’t have loved the afternoon more and hasn’t stopped talking about it since. Seeing herself on the news on friday night was icing on the cake. The excitement in our house was off the charts and Liv received a flood of phone calls and messages after it aired, which of course she loved! And the best part is, it’s not over yet! Bupa have interviewed her and are doing a segment, and she will be running through the Hawthorn banner with the Hawks against North Melbourne on Saturday afternoon! She couldn’t be more excited, we all can’t wait for her to be a part of it! Lucky Liv!

2 thoughts on “Liv Meets Hodgey

  1. That is just such an awesome experience for THE most deserving little girl & you guys too!
    She was so great on the news….as if you didn’t already have huge reasons to be proud of her!
    Much love xx

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