Term One hasn’t sucked!

Usually at this time of year, as term one draws to a close, I’m at my wits end. I go through moments of considering home schooling and then deciding that I’d rather poke my eyes out than have to be responsible for all of Liv’s academic learning! Liv is usually having meltdown after meltdown at this point in the year, at school and at home, and at the shops, and…everywhere actually. Usually for Liv, fatigue equals feral town and meltdowns. Basically, term one always sux the big one! But for the first time ever, despite all my stress and worry over the Christmas holidays about all of the new changes this year, I’m actually really happy with how term one has gone!

It didn’t start well, and I think Liv worked pretty hard to try and break her new integration aide! But both her aide and her new teacher seem to work together really well and they were both very determined to crack Liv and make the changes work, and we’ve been very impressed with how quickly they’ve all managed to adapt, Liv included. Halfway through the term we decided to try some new supplements for Liv and we also tightened up her diet even more. Much to our surprise and delight, it is really helping a lot with her impulse control and concentration. She is a really happy little vegemite and is now coping beautifully at school and at home. She’s managing to get through a lot more schoolwork and she’s controlling the dreaded quick and nasty outbursts. And meltdowns?……What meltdowns?! There just haven’t been any. She’s very tired of course, oh so tired, because they’ve been able to push her much harder academically, but there hasn’t been much of the feral that usually goes with the fatigue. It’s been more like, “Mum, I’m feeling really tired so I think I’ll just have a lie down on your bed with my emoji pillow!” Yeah, I know! It’s an easter miracle!

I spoke to her aide today and she told me how amazed she is at how much Liv has changed from the beginning of the term to now, and today Liv was chosen for ‘Appreciation Day’, which is where the teacher chooses a child and all of their classmates say something that they appreciate about that child. Cue my happy tears as I heard that one child said, “I like how when you get angry you can calm yourself down straight away now!” Woohoo!! Even the kids have noticed how much Liv has improved! Other comments were about her being a good friend, that she’s really funny and she has lovely hair! Awwwww, kids are so cute aren’t they!? Apparently, despite how much I worry about how Liv copes socially, I’m told that she is well liked and most of the kids are very accepting of her quirks.

To say I’m a proud mumma is an understatement, and I’m just so relieved to finally to feel like Liv is getting some control over her behaviours. It’s helping her socially as well as with her learning and general functioning. Term one can be really hard on kids, especially the littlies and kids with special needs, so I hope all of your little munchkins coped well. And if not, don’t worry, it’s almost time for a break! (We can worry about the super long 11 week term 2 later!!) I hope you all have a safe and enjoyable easter break, much love to you all xxx


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